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We started this business to help adults in Vancouver’s lower mainland and B.C. to navigate the technical task of reviewing strata documents before you buy or sell a condominium or townhouse.

Unless you are an expert, you won’t understand the complex requirements set out in the Strata Property Act, its Regulations, and decipher the important details hidden in strata meetings minutes, annual general meetings, bylaws, rules, depreciation reports, information certificates, and a contract of purchase and sale. You have all this to do plus the best home for your family among all the lemons out there. It can feel overwhelming.

The owner of this website has a master’s in applied legal studies. This training includes an analysis of real property law, contracts of purchase, land title documents, and acts related to buying and selling of real estate in B.C.

The “Happy Condo Homeowner’s Report” supplements the information provided by your real estate agent or lawyer. The report saves you time and money by providing you with an easy-to-understand explanation of your strata documents so you can make the best decision!

The 'Happy Condo Homeowner's Report. This repoert provides a comprehensive summary of your condo documents available in just 3 to 4 business days.