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Paul Wiliams, notary public, provides a broad range of legal services that include real estate transfers, mortgage refinancing, estate planning services and notarizations by appointment only.

Port Moody Real Estate Notary

Whether you are buying or selling your home in Port Moody, we are happy to provide legal assistance and advice with the transfers. This work includes meeting with you to ensure that we understand your expectations, a review of documents prepared by realtors, lawyers or notaries, tax information and strata documents, if applicable. Generally, our goal is to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind.

Mortgage Refinancing

There are a number of reasons why a person decides on mortgage refinancing: locking in a preferred rate; reducing expenses, gaining access to capital for a home renovation or debt consolidation. We can help you to pay out your existing mortgage as well as set up a new mortgage with your preferred bank, credit union or private lender. Please let us know if you are working with a mortgage broker.

Port Moody Wills & Estate Planning

Writing a Will gives you an opportunity to have a say on how your wishes will be carried out after your passing. Often, people feel that the government will decide for you if you don’t have a Will. The real concern is that your family won’t be able to speak to the bank, government or insurance companies if you are no longer around. Each institution will ask for a copy of the Will even if you made a power of attorney before because that document ONLY applies while you, the donor, are alive.

Power of Attorney

To make a power of attorney, you need to select someone whom you absolutely trust. Once made, that person will have the power to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf as if you were present. Some people use a power of attorney when they travel outside the country so their spouse, child or business partner has the power to act. Many elderly parents establish a joint bank account with their son or daughter believing that since both have access to it so a power of attorney is not necessary. However, once dementia begins your son or daughter may find themselves in a bind if they continue to make withdrawals from your account if you do not understand what is happening. In this case, you need an enduring power of attorney. The law also provides that your Attorney — a family member or trusted person– should not take any actions that impede the Will. A Power of Attorney is the best way to assign a person or persons to make decisions for you while you are living.

Representation Agreements

You may already have identified someone that you feel truly understands your wishes if you become ill or are placed in a care home. The person you choose to be your representative does not have to be an immediate family member, though often it is. Once you make a representation agreement, you can appoint a person or persons who can speak to caregivers at hospitals, care homes and at your home. Depending on your capacity, a representation agreement can deal with things that range from basic personal care and hygiene to complex issues such as “Do Not Resuscitate.” Of course, you also need to express these wishes to your family physician.

Port Moody Notarizations

A notarization provides a convenient way for you to get legal documents signed at a notary’s office, and it can save you the hassle of driving directly to a government, bank or insurance company’s office. My practice does not sign documents related to family law. However, I am happy to help you to notarize a document if it is within my scope of practice. If I feel that in a particular instance you are better served by meeting with a lawyer, then I will provide you with this advice. Many people try to find a notary in Port Moody to sign documents such as the following: travel consent letters, invitation letters, ICBC declarations, statutory declarations for builders, proof of life declarations, immigration documents, and insurance declarations. Please bring two pieces of “current” identification to your appointment. Request On-Site & Mobile Notary Services in Port Moody.

My practice was recognized as Burnaby’s favourite notary in 2021. My hope is to provide exceptional notary public services to the city of Port Moody. To make an appointment, please call (604) 245-2244.

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