Affidavits Notarized in Burnaby

An affidavit is a written statement of facts, confirmed by oath, that is sworn before a notary or lawyer. The fee for notarizing an affidavit is $80 (or $71.43 plus $3.57 GST and $5 PST). There will be a fee of $15 for each additional Exhibit or Schedule.

Bing two pieces of identification

When you meet with a Notary to swear or affirm your affidavit, bring two pieces of non-expired government identification (with at least one having a photo of you). Your legal representative will ask you if you are the person named in the affidavit.

It is your responsibility to read the affidavit carefully before meeting with a Notary to sign it.  You should not sign an affidavit that you either have not read or do not agree with.

Your legal representative will ask you if you understand the nature of the affidavit.  It is essential that you understand that it is an offence to swear or affirm a false affidavit.

Your legal representative will ask you to sign the affidavit in his or her presence. You may sign an affidavit even if you are blind, visually impaired, or cannot read.

Your Privacy

The information that you provide in an affidavit remains confidential. You will be treated fairly regardless of the contents of your affidavit.

Other Affidavits

Affidavit of Abandonment and Sale of Manufactured Home REG756
Use this form is you are the landlord and you believe that a manufactured home has been abandoned.

Affidavit of Executor (Manufactured Home) Form REG702
Use this form if you, as Executor, act for the estate of a deceased person who has an interest in a manufactured home.

Affidavit of Involuntary Repossession (Manufactured Home) Form REG750A
Use this form if you are the secured party to make an oath claiming the following: prior to the sale of the manufactured home, you had a valid security interest in the Personal Property Registry given by the registered owner of the manufactured home; you caused the registered owner’s interest in the manufactured home to be sold; and other details as indicated in the form.

Affidavit of Voluntary Reposession (Manufactured Home) Form REG750B
Use this form if you are the Secured Party and the following are true: before the exercise of your rights to take collateral to satisfy an obligation secured by it, you have a valid security interest in the manufactured home; and the applicants are entitled to be registered as the owners of the manufactured home; and you know the registration number of the manufactured home.

Notary Public Paul Williams