notary public fees and pricing in Burnaby and Vancouver.

Notary Public Fees

Closing Costs

When you’re in the midst of property transactions in the lively communities of Burnaby and Vancouver, there’s a lot on your plate. To help you navigate the waters, we’ve laid out a list of conveyancing fees, providing a roadmap to understanding the costs associated with basic real estate transactions.

But, here’s the scoop: The numbers we present might not cover every scenario. Real estate can be a maze, concealing surprises that neither the seller nor buyer may anticipate.

Residential Conveyance (Freehold)

Purchase and Mortgage: $995.00 plus taxes*

Sale and Discharge: $895.00 plus taxes*

Mortgage Refinance: $825.00 plus taxes*

*Additional Fees may apply depending on the property and its unique set of circumstances. Fees do not include 3rd party charges such as Land Title Office fees, insurance binders, courier, wire transfer, strata fees and documents, or title insurance. Provincial and federal taxes may apply. If you make substantial changes to the nature of the deal after our initial meeting, then other charges may apply.

Throughout this journey we’ll keep you well-informed, offering a light to help you choose the path that meets your needs.

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