Congratulations on your purchase!

After weeks of searching for that perfect home, you made an offer on a condo, duplex, house or recreational property that was accepted by the Sellers.  Your realtor has advised you to get the help of a Notary or lawyer to assist you with the conveyance of your property. My goal is enjoy that you enjoy “affordable peace of mind” your real estate conveyance.

Your Notary can help you with your real estate conveyance are as follows:

  • Speaking with you to determine your needs and intended use of the property;
  • Contacting the lawyer or notary for the Sellers and your lender, if needed, to let them know that you have legal representation for your purchase;
  • Reviewing the title search at LTSA to ensure that the Sellers are the same persons identified in the contract of purchase and to instruct the lawyer for the Sellers to remove various financial charges and encumbrances from your property (as described in the contract);
  • Determining whether you desire to take ownership of your house as Joint Tenants or as Tenants in Common;
  • Contacting your lender to obtain a copy of the mortgage documents and title insurance;
  • Determining who your insurance company is, if obtaining a mortgage, to get an insurance binder;
  • Contacting the Strata Management company, if you are buying a strata or condo, to obtain a copy of a Form B Information Certificate (providing information on strata fees, parking stalls and the storage locker for your property and a Form F Certificate of Payment indicating that the Seller has paid all fees;
  • Reviewing the contract to confirm that all information provided is accurate and that all subjects have been removed.
  • Determining the amount of property tax owing and if any exemptions apply;
  • Ensuring that the Sellers pay their share of strata fees, taxes, or rent as identified in the Statement of Adjustments related to your real estate purchase.