Selling your home with a Notary in Burnaby

After listing your home, you sold it for a good price.  Your Notary can help you to manage the legal transfer of your home to the buyers as well as the delivery of your sale proceeds.  You will enjoy “affordable peace of mind” during your real estate conveyance.  s

How your Burnaby Notary can help

  1. Contacting you to determine the selling price, type of property, and residency status of each seller including unique features of the deal that were important to you;
  2. Calling your real estate agent to get a copy of the contract and the conveyancing information report;
  3. Reviewing the contract of purchase and sale to confirm that all details are correct;
  4. Contacting the notary or lawyer who represents the buyers;
  5. Examining the title search at the Land Title and Survey Authority of B.C. (or LTSA) to determine if your property has any encumbrances attached to the land (such as certificates of pending litigation, caveats, tax sale notices, or unpaid strata fees) that need to be removed (because the contract requires you to provide the buyers with title to the land free and clear of all encumbrances;
  6. If you have granted a mortgage (or credit line) to a lender, contacting your bank or credit union to request a payout statement detailing the amount required to pay out the mortgage at the completion date;
  7. Reviewing documents provided by the buyers’ notary such as the Statement of Adjustments (showing an equitable sharing of expenses between the Buyers and the Seller), a Form A Transfer, GST Certificate and Residency Declaration; and,
  8. Presenting you with an Order to Pay to payout any financial charges that remain on the title to your land at the LTSA.

Prepare for Completion with Your Burnaby Notary

About 3 days before the completion date, your Notary will invite you to the office to sign the  Seller’s documents. You should bring two pieces of valid government identification (with at least one having a photo of you) to your appointment. Your Notary will provide you with a cheque payable to the persons registered on the title to your home. If the Sellers are registered as Joint Tenants, then you will receive a cheque that is payable to all persons identified on the title that will be deposited into a joint bank account naming each person. If you are registered as Tenants in Common, then the cheque that each person receives will equal that person’s share of the title.

Notary Public Burnaby

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