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Estate Planning

Executor Dealing with an Estate
Incapacity Planning – Ministry of Justice
Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre Registry

Family Law

Family Justice Counselling
Family LawLine
Family Justice Counselling
Family Lawyers


Open School BC


Credit Unions
Inclusion BC
Insurance Agents
MV1484 Unregistered Vehicles Declaration
Mortgage Brokers
Tax Accountants &


Patient Quality Care Review Board


Land Title and Survey Authority of BC
Parcel Map BC


Lawyer Referral Service
Legal Aid
Bar Association of British Columbia
British Columbia Legal Management Society
BC Paralegal Association
Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia
Law Society of British Columbia
Publications Government of Canada
Society of Notaries of British Columbia


BC Housing Seniors Supportive Housing
Community Living British Columbia
Elder Abuse Prevention Memorial Society of British Columbia
Public Guardian and Trustee (Translations)


BC Unclaimed Property Society


Notaries Act
Power of Attorney Act (Part 1); Power of Attorney Act (Part 2)
Power of Attorney Act (Part 3)
Wills, Estates and Succession Act: Defines Terms, Spouse Marriage-Like Relationship, Survivorship, Rules, Posthumous Births, and a 5-day Survival Rule, Surviving Spouse Right to Spousal Home

Notary Public’s Office in Burnaby

Notary Public Burnaby

Notary Public

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