Burnaby Notary’s List of Translators

Find a list of Translators operating in Burnaby. The list is a resource for visitors to the website. You remain responsible to make inquiries into the professional practices of each translator and their continued membership with the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC

Translate to English

Cantonese to English
Sandra Chan
Cell: 604-328-6880
Email: sc2288@telus.net

Chinese to English
Catherine Hung
Phone: 604-961-8548
Cell: wechat: catwechat2015
Email: h.th.catherine@gmail.com
Certified Court Interpreter
Certified Medical Interpreter

Croation or Servbian to English
Milivoj Ilic
Cell: 604-992-2033
Home: Phone: 604-684-5006
Registered with ICBC

Filipino Or Tagalog to English
Dominador Masakayan
Cell: 778-955-5965
Email: Masakayan@gmail.com

Finnish to English
Maritta Jaminki
Email: jaminki@shaw.ca

French to English
Aaron Bull
Cell: 604-339-1795
Phone: 604-339-1795
Email: aabull@gmail.com
Registered With ICBC

Korean to English
Kwang Woo (Richard) Park
Phone: 604-861-2899
Cell: 604-861-2899
Email: kwp2899@hotmail.com
Registered with ICBC

Mandarin to English
Linda Yu
Phone: 604-771-3878
Cell: 604-771-3878
Email: lindayu2000@hotmail.com
Registered with ICBC

Punjabi to English
Surjeet Kalsey
Cell: 778-829-6261
Phone: 604-526-2342

Russian to English
Alexander Kulyashov
Phone: 604-729-3590
Cell: 604-729-3590
Email: linguatrust@gmail.com
Registered with ICBC

Translating from English to . . .

English to Farsi
Maryam Golkar
Cell: 604-364-9644
Email: golkartranslation@gmail.com
Registered with ICBC

English to French
Rieko (Rachel) Enomoto
Email: rachelmails2u@yahoo.ca

English to Chinese
Jiazhen (Jenny) Geng
Cell: 778-929-1736

English to Chinese
Juan Mei
Phone: 604-254-2958
Cell: 778-865-8139
Email: juanmeimj@gmail.com
Registered with ICBC

English to Japanese
Yasuko Garlick
Cell: 778-708-9907
Email: y.garlick@gmail.com

English to Korean
Sang Yoon (Peter) Kim
Phone: 604-617-8705
Cell: 604-617-8705
Home: Phone: 604-263-0390
Email: pete.sykim@gmail.com

English to Mandarin
Yi (Lisa) Shen
Cell: 604-360-7679
Email: lisashen79@hotmail.com
Registered with ICBC

English to Russian
Andrei Shmatkov
Phone: 604-352-2344
Email: andrei@russiantranslator.ca
Website: http://russiantranslator.ca
Registered with ICBC

English to Slovak
Bohumil (Boris) Molak
Phone: 604-683-3288
Cell: 604-339-4736
Home Phone: 604-428-0206

English to Tamil
Kumar Sabaratnam
Cell: 604-836-4390
Email: sabteen@yahoo.com

Notary Public Paul Williams