v1484 Unregistered Vehicle and Missing Signature Declaration for Notary Burnaby

Meet with a Burnaby Notary (and Commissioner for Taking Oaths) to have your MV1484 document notarized. Signing a Statutory Declaration is the same as making an oath in court where your signature comprises evidence of the truth of a statement, hence the words “solemnly declare.”

You may sign ICBC’s Unregistered Vehicles and Missing Signatures Declaration MV184, for one of the following reasons:

  1. to allow the registration of an unregistered vehicle;
  2. to allow a vehicle to be transferred with the seller’s signature; or
  3. to allow a vehicle to be registered when the buyer does have not acceptable proof of ownership or a registration document.

An example of information required in the declaration is as follows: vehicle’s year, make, model, body style and VIN; seller’s name (and any attempts made to get the seller’s signature); describe documents establishing ownership; where the vehicle was purchased; the amount paid and your confirmation that the vehicle conforms to the original manufacturer’s specifications (not including parts from other vehicles and his not missing and engine or other body parts such as a door or fender); whether the vehicle has been registered; and it contains specific details if the vehicle was purchased from a dealer or auction sales in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

You must initial any changes to the Form MV1484, including corrections. If you require legal advice on the form, you should see a lawyer.

Book an appointment to complete the form with your Notary in Burnaby. Mobile Services are available for your convenience.

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